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e-commerce app

Task:  Increase sales for popular bookstore design

iPhone application for a bookstore in Leeds, completely integrated within their existing website. All information about the books upload from the website database, information about book purchases that has been done through app are sent to the DB and processed in the same way just as orders that has been done through the website.

iphone application development for Leeds bookstore

Why us?

  • We don't just create attractive websites, but help you to achieve your business or personal objectives by providing high quality, impressive designs for online and offline presentation of your products and services.
  • We are highly mobile and operate across the UK, we are happy to visit your office whether in London or Edinburgh and can supply all your requirements from our Leeds based web design studio. And distance isn't a barrier for us as we work with clients internationally remotely over the internet.
  • We are small, agile, creative and very flexible. We use the latest technologies in our work and focus on innovation.
  • We pay careful attention. Because very often the difference between the best and the merely ordinary lies in small details.
  • Designers in Paralab work in close partnership with our in-house usability specialists. We have a real passion to create interfaces and designs that work intuitively.
  • and finally we just really love our job! We are Paralab.

Who we are?

We are group of passionate professional website developers, designers and usability specialists, based in Leeds. We have a extensive experience in design presentation and promotional websites, web-based applications and user experience design. We put all our energy, commitment and inspiration to our work.